Become a Voter Registration Partner

Our work never stops. We are constantly registering young voters, and we need your help.

We have a new voter registration tool that you can add to your website, blog, Facebook page, or MySpace profile. In less than five minutes, you can start registering your members, volunteers, readers, viewers, listeners, activists, students, friends . . . whoever is in your community.


Here are some benefits of getting your own voter registration tool:

  • The obvious: you are helping register voters across the country!
  • Our voter registration partner tool is free to use.
  • There is no programming needed. After you sign up you'll be given a simple embed code you can easily copy and paste into your own website similar to what you find on YouTube.
  • You can customize your registration tool by adding your own logo.
  • You can add in your own custom survey questions and recruit volunteers onto your email and mobile lists.
  • Your own registration data is easy to download any time you'd like.
  • The dashboard tracks your voter registrations by state, gender and more!

Update: Rock the Vote's online voter registration tool has a new feature - White Label. If you are looking for additional customization and services from an online voter registration tool, please contact Amanda Brown.

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